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New Series Solitaire Ring | Rose D'Amour
  • Solitaire Ring - Crown

    Nothing beats something classic that judged over a period of time to be outstanding of its kind. After all, everyone’s favorite will always win. Win her heart with classic engagement ring.

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  • Heart Beats Series

    Your heart is full of sparkling beauty that takes away my heartbeat. With Heartbeat series, make your loved one realize that she is the cause of your heartbeat.

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  • Geometric Pendant Series

    Every geometric shape is beautiful in their own way, it contains within itself a definite meaning. From rose gold to white gold, we are providing various styles and shapes of diamond jewellery to match your need. Pick your shape now!

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  • Cross Series

    Love can always conquer whatever discord brings and love can also cover a multitude of things. For love is always worth it no matter how much the price. For love will be much stronger when we trust in Him.

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  • Christmas Series

    The lights are blinking and the stars are twinkling. As the Christmas song play and children caroling their way, fell the spirit of Christmas through the gift that sparks joy.

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  • Adelle's Signature


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