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New Series Solitaire Ring | Rose D'Amour

Over the years, Adelle Jewellery has tried itʼs best to bring people the perfection of timeless natural diamond beauty within itʼs pieces,
and we share a commitment to bring irresistible indulgent that people expect the most even beyond people's expectation.


It is our passion to lead your precious moment through something thoughtful and unforgettable.


Our vision is to be trend leader in jewellery industry. Driven by art and love, we envision Adelle Jewellery making an even larger contribution to peopleʼs life by being the biggest part of their extraordinary moment with itʼs creative design and advanced innovation.

We Believe Quality Matters, We Treasure Your Trust

We take great pride in delivering you products with exceptional quality, crafted with consistent materials that have been ethically sourced and tested for quality and purity.


To ensure that you enjoy the very best, we spend efforts understanding customer specific needs.


We are using skilled craftsmen and the art of modern technology to bring in exclusive range of excellent design that add beauty to the products.


To complement our craftsmanship, we are using leading technologies taken from several industries with perfect calibration, which enables Adelle Jewellery to comply with the most rigorous design specifications and absolute parameters.


With our strict criteria and warm after-sales services,
you can always trust us to bring you products with the highest quality, safety and durability.


Our goal is to not only produce something with the highest quality, but also to create innovative pieces that communicate their purpose of existence.

Kaizen is the spirit of our brand

Inspired by the Ancient Japanese wisdom,
Itʼs a philosophy that fuels our passion for constant and never-ending improvement in everything we do for excellence.

Kaizen is the spirit of our brand

We believe that design has the power to turn dreams into reality

We understand that jewelry might come with a high price, but Adelle Jewellery dare to make something “out of the box” by releasing beautiful diamond jewelry that comes with affordable price without lowering the quality of the material.


A lot jeweler may compete to win customer by creating many product with low quality material, but here in Adelle Jewellery, we choose to explore the design and technology without lowering the quality of the product.


We believe that everyone in this world deserve to experience the beauty of design that comes from a piece of jewellery because the design has the power to make your dreams come true.

We believe that design has the power to turn dreams into reality

With Adelle Jewelry, you can reveal your love with the unsual way. 

Adelle surely be the right choice for you.