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Discover our collections of diamond jewellery for life's most joyful occasions.

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  • Reflections


    This collection features jewellery pieces designed with baguette diamonds crafted specifically for unique and daring women, a reflection of infinite brilliance.

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  • Animal Spirit

    Animal Spirit

    This collection is inspired by spirit animals that represent your inner personality and companions in times of strife.

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  • Zoodiac


    A collection inspired by twelve selected animals, each of which has its own uniqueness.

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  • Zodiac


    Inspired by the beauty of the 12 zodiacs, each of which has its own charm and uniqueness.

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  • Dainty


    Tiny, delicate and lovely. The rings in Dainty collection can be stacked to express your personal style.

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  • Parisian


    Designed to embody the beauty and elegance of Paris, we ensure that there is always a piece for everyone.

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  • City of Lights

    City of Lights

    We fly you to the most romantic landmark in the world through City of Light collection. Get ready to be blown away by the design details from the City of Lights collection.

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  • I Promise

    I Promise

    A collection of solitaire rings as a symbol of promise and commitment. Designed with the world's most beautiful diamond Eternal Flame and comes with GemEx certificate.

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  • Christmas
  • Eternal Monarch

    Eternal Monarch

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  • Alphabet
  • Lexicon
  • Trilogy
  • Ivy


    Ivy Collection is inspired by an evergreen plant that represent eternity, fidelity and strong affectionate attachment such as wedded love and friendship

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  • Ahvagary


    Inspired by the word "vagary" which means a whimsical, wild or unusual idea. The letters A and H before the word vagary signify the initials "A"delle and "H"ian Tjen, indicating that these two brands create unique and unpredictable collections.

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  • LA State
  • Significant


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  • Product Exclusive Online

    Product Exclusive Online

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  • Soleil
  • Aim To Be

    Aim To Be

    Aim To Be is jewellery collection with 4 different shapes that represent 4 admirable personalities of women. We hope this collection serves as a reminder for Indonesian women of all ages that they can achieve anything they aim to be

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  • Symbol of Faith

    Symbol of Faith

    Beautiful symbols of hope and love, and the perfect way to express your belief.

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  • Adelle's Key

    Adelle's Key

    An iconic collection with the Adelle Jewellery key logo design that symbolizes women's freedom to express themselves through diamond jewelry.

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  • Amour


    We create heart-shaped jewellery in many style as a perfect love symbols for that special someone. Express your love with Amour collection.

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  • Essentials


    Witness our high jewellery collection that demonstrates our exceptional craftsmanship and passion for luxury jewellery.

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